I like pinhole camera and I like to make portraits of people. As I'm aware - while I'm making portrait of somebody I'm still making my own portrait. The ultimate goal (if there are any) of making a portrait to remove the mask from your sitter, show something behind it.I think pinhole is the way I found intuitively to achieve the goal and make a portrait as it fits to me.

So these portraits were captured with pinhole camera which means that it require a bit more time for exposure than a normal camera, about a minute or so. Therefore my models have to sit for while, I appreciate their patience and thanks for them to do so! Sometimes they invent some actions, sometimes not. Some of them take some accessories and set up small scenes some are self exlpaining. I'm trying to interfere as less as I can.

There are two portraits for each pair - one for you, those who are looking at the picture and the second for them when they look at each other.

In case you are keen to participate you are very much welcome to contact me