me & Dasha


I like pinhole camera and I like to make portraits of people. As I’m aware – while I’m making portrait of somebody I’m still making my own portrait. The ultimate goal (if there are any) ...



Isolated island in the middle of the lake, only few strangers around. A part of my summer while visiting my friends there. Only forest, water, meadows, wind, nights, peace. Thank you! Остров посреди озера. Лес, ...



This is about people and Vienna. About locals and immigrants, those who came here recently or lives here for a while. There was only one requirement: find a favorite place in Vienna which could be ...



I like to make portraits a lot, in case you don’t mind to be captured please write me. Фотографирую людей с удовольствием, если вы хотите быть сфотографированным напишите мне.


Fathers life

Father & Daughter, day to day life, made by pinhole. Будни, пинхол.



Camera obscura, pinhole. Nice box without viewfinder and lens, I really like it – you never now the final result. You can’t control the results, only the effort :) Камера обскура она же пинхол. Коробочка ...

handball korneuburg

Team building

This is series of photos about one local handball team in small Vienna neighbourhood – Korneuburg. These people meet together, play games, train,  share their wins or defeats. From my point of view they spend ...

Цианотипия Крым | Cyanotype Crimea


There is print technique cyanotype. It happened that I learned it and liked for unpredictability and unique result for each print. Yes, I like to make it all complicated. Есть такая техника печати – цианотипия. ...


Пустые Холмы

There was a festival “Empty Hills“. I and several thousands of people liked it a lot each year. I enjoyed been there and it happened that it is not ongoing any more:( I’m not going ...